The goal of the XaMApp app was to become the main communication channel for the internal corporate Xarelto meeting. The app was able to inform all attendees about their respective assignments to different workshops and other meeting activities. Integrated interaction tools gave the organizers the opportunity to engage attendees on a higher level and let them actively participate in the event.

Ask a question and comment live

Using the feature “Ask a question”, the attendees were able to send their questions directly to the speaker either during or even after the session. Surveys allowed everyone to send feedback about speakers, themes, and presentations in order for attendees to more actively participate throughout the event.

Create event content on the flow

The web-based content management system allowed the organizer to make content changes quickly without requiring any additional assistance. The changes were automatically sent to the app. The program could be updated “on the fly” and the participants could be informed about all event changes within the app. Likewise, each attendee’s respective assignment to the event’s workshops was effectively displayed within the app shortly before the event’s opening.

All information at one place

After each session, that session’s presentation was made available within the app. The attendees were able to add the session presentation to their own personal agenda, add a note about it, or even share it via email. In addition to all of this, the photos taken during the event were also added within the app’s event content.


The app was used by more than 80% of the attendees, helped the organizer to dynamically structure the event and adapt the content as needed. The users were informed about all changes up-to-the-minute and were able to use the app as a communication channel to both speakers and organizers.
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